Play bocce ball on artificial turf

When is the last time that you have had the chance to play a nice game of bocca with friends on a bright and sunny day? This game is one that can be played and enjoyed by anyone no matter the age or skill of the person who is playing the game. The game is one that is so popular that outdoor and indoor bocca courts are being set up all around Northern California and in the surrounding areas. If you live in these areas you are sure to find a bocca court close by without having to dig deep to find where they are placed.

Traditionally, bocca courts are created by using crushed shells, natural soil and dirt, or asphalt for you to play on, the idea of using artificial turf has definitely kicked in for the makers of bocca courts as it is quickly becoming one of the most popular options of ground for the court. This is because it is usually a lot easier to maintain the upkeep of artificial turf than it is when you are using any of the other options that are listed above.

People choose to use artificial turf because it comes naturally flat and level with the ground that you are standing and the cost of artificial grass comes out cheaper than real grass. Something that is most ideal for ball rolling. Unlike the traditional bocca courts that you can find, these require little to no maintenance. Traditional courts require someone to flatten the surface before, during and after every game that is played so that the players have the best game possible with all fairness and no one being left out because the ground wasn’t level when it was their turn to role.

Of course, using artificial turf comes with many more perks for outdoor users than just promising a flat ground to play on whenever you want it. When you have an outdoor bocca court, depending on what it is made out of, your game could easily be delayed if it were to rain beforehand. But if the court is made out of artificial turf then it will dry up to 10 times faster than it would if it were made out of soil or shells.

It is also a much better choice for a bocce court ground if you have a problem with dust or debris crowding up your court. If this were to happen with any of the traditional courts it would take you a minute to be able to remove everything blocking up your court. But with artificial turf you can either vacuum it if it is an indoor court, or you can spray it down with a hose if it is an outdoor turf. Just like that you have your court looking and feeling brand new and ready for play yet again. So if you are wanting to find the best ground for your bocca court, you should consider artificial turf as the first option. You can weigh pros and cons yourself and see it’s the better choice.