Reduce grass allergies this spring with artificial turf

Spring is such a beautiful time of the year. Maybe one of the most beautiful times of the year as the flowers are blooming and birds are singing. It’s such a bright and colorful time and everyone loves it because they can enjoy the weather as it isn’t too hot or too cold. It’s a perfect time to take family pictures and stroll the streets to see all of the beauty that is coming to life after a harsh winter. But spring also has it’s downfalls. One of those downfalls, and frankly the biggest downfall, is the pollen that comes out with the flowers.

Pollen is something that you can’t avoid. No matter how hard you try, it is always going to be something that exists in your life. But there is a way to get it to back down a little bit. Make it a little less extreme in your life. Make it possible to go outside into your yard without instantly going into a sneezing rampage. To do this you just need to replace the grass that you currently have with artificial turf.

Artificial turf is a grass substitute often used for sport arenas or fields and golf courses but it can also have other uses making Turf Business a growing trend in the sport industry. Some people choose to install it on the playgrounds in their neighborhood because it’s safer for children to play on. Other people put it in dog parks so the animals can’t dig up the ground and won’t get dirty. And most of the time when people buy artificial turf for personal use they install it in their yards to avoid yard maintenance.

But it can also come in handy when you want to cut back on your sinus issues that come along with the spring and fall. Natural grass is connected with the earth, it grows and creates pollen from the blades and the flowers that grow from the dirt in your yard. If you install artificial turf, you take away the ability for the flowers and grass blades to grow and create pollen. This means that you can go out into your yard and roll around in your grass and you won’t sneeze because there will be no pollen on the ground.

If you are a big outside person, this is a major win for the synthetic grass team. You don’t have to put an end to all of your outdoor family days or grilling nights with friends just because the spring is causing allergies. You can have synthetic turf installed in your yard and get back to the life that you want to live. So say goodbye to allergies in the spring and fall, and even yard work if that is something that gets you down, and say hello to fun with the help of synthetic turf.

Artificial Turf Is Durable Enough For Schools

Recess is the favorite part of the day for most child but it is not for the recess yard. Children are hard on grass. There is a way to keep the grass looking good while allowing children to have fun out at recess. Synthetic grass can stand up to the walking, running, and playing of children at recess. offers tons of artificial grass with installation at awesome prices.

 Synthetic grass is a great option for the school yard. It is durable and will not show signs of wear. There will be no holes, dead spots, or wear on the law. The grass will be healthy looking and it will have a smooth surface. This grass can even be used on the baseball field or other areas that see a lot of traffic from children at play.

 The artificial grass is easy to take care of. It is great at draining and preventing puddles of water from forming. There will also be no mud since there are no puddles and no dirt is needed on the grass. There is a rubber infill so dirt will not be an issue. This will help keep the playground clean for the children. They can even go out and play after it had rained and there will be no worry about tearing up the grass or making a mess.

 There are many benefits to using the artificial grass. It is safe for the children and environmentally friendly. The grass will look green all of the time. The grass is soft to step on and can cushion a child if they happen to take a fall.

 To make the playground at school safe for children and still have it look good synthetic grass can be used. This grass is low maintenance, durable, safe, and will stay looking good even when children are playing on it every day at recess.

Benefits of Becoming a Turf Distributor

If you are considering becoming a turf distributor for these popular landscaping products, the decision will be clear for you after learning more about providing these trusted and effective lawn products is more convenient and profitable than you could have imagined. Read on to find out how you can quickly and affordably maximize your lawn product offerings without having to increase operational capacity or taking on more inventory risk for your business.

The Rise in Homeowner Demand for Artificial Grass

The beauty of synthetic grass is that it offers a consistent and low-maintenance lawn product that enhances the curb appeal of homes all across the country. Irrigation concerns no longer need to play any role in how your customers’ lawns look all throughout the year. Homeowners in all regions and climates can enjoy the beauty and precision of artificial grass without having to pay for landscaping maintenance or perform the arduous task on their own.

Homeowners who lead busy lives but still care about the appearance of their lawns are inherently drawn to the time and cost savings that artificial lawns have to offer. The benefits of our lawn products speak for themselves because they guarantee a precise landscaping look without any interference by adverse weather or regular lawn maintenance. It is the no-risk way for homeowners to achieve a spotless yard.

There is more information available now to the average consumer than ever before about the harmful effects of pesticides and other chemicals commonly used in most yards. Consumers are now pushing back against this trend and are actively searching for eco-friendly solutions to landscaping needs. The installation of artificial lawn products allows homeowners to benefit from a gorgeous lawn for years to come without requiring them to use any sort of harmful weed killer or pesticide in their yards.

The Availability of Innovative Lawn Products to Exceed Your Customers’ Expectations

Residential artificial turf has come a long way in recent years in terms of its eco-friendly properties and sustainability. Our cutting-edge lawn products are made of polyethylene yarn, which allows for more efficient drainage and longer-lasting blades of grass. In fact, our new product allows for drainage capacity that is four times more efficient than previous models. This means that the artificial lawn will not be bogged down by animal waste, chemicals or other refuse the way that regular grass or other lawn products can create adverse conditions.

Why Partner with Us

There is no need to complicate the process of providing a larger inventory of quality lawn products to your customers. When you become a turf distributor through us, you are given access to a large inventory of landscaping products without any upfront cost to you. Simply put, you purchase the lawn products that your customers want at a discounted rate and have them delivered directly to homeowners’ residences. There is no need to provide for extra inventory space or increase your delivery capacity because we take care of all of those details for our network of distributors.

When it comes to providing excellent customer service and supplying the highest quality products at affordable prices, we have the market cornered. Partnering with our company allows you as a distributor to profit from offering additional landscaping products to your clients without the risk of housing inventory or worrying about how you will source it. Our goal is always the same as yours. We want to help you exceed your customers’ expectations without requiring additional risk or effort on your part. The personal account manager assigned to your company will ensure that all of your needs are met and questions are answered. Our attention to detail and commitment to superior customer service make partnering with our company a no-brainer. There are no franchise fees or royalties to pay when you benefit from our wide selection of landscaping products. Although we provide extensive training and resources on our products to distributors who partner with us, there is no extra fee or charge for this valuable service. Our displays and customer information pamphlets are standard resources that we provide to all distributors so that they have everything they need to effectively expand their product offerings and increase sales.

Play bocce ball on artificial turf

When is the last time that you have had the chance to play a nice game of bocca with friends on a bright and sunny day? This game is one that can be played and enjoyed by anyone no matter the age or skill of the person who is playing the game. The game is one that is so popular that outdoor and indoor bocca courts are being set up all around Northern California and in the surrounding areas. If you live in these areas you are sure to find a bocca court close by without having to dig deep to find where they are placed.

Traditionally, bocca courts are created by using crushed shells, natural soil and dirt, or asphalt for you to play on, the idea of using artificial turf has definitely kicked in for the makers of bocca courts as it is quickly becoming one of the most popular options of ground for the court. This is because it is usually a lot easier to maintain the upkeep of artificial turf than it is when you are using any of the other options that are listed above.

People choose to use artificial turf because it comes naturally flat and level with the ground that you are standing and the cost of artificial grass comes out cheaper than real grass. Something that is most ideal for ball rolling. Unlike the traditional bocca courts that you can find, these require little to no maintenance. Traditional courts require someone to flatten the surface before, during and after every game that is played so that the players have the best game possible with all fairness and no one being left out because the ground wasn’t level when it was their turn to role.

Of course, using artificial turf comes with many more perks for outdoor users than just promising a flat ground to play on whenever you want it. When you have an outdoor bocca court, depending on what it is made out of, your game could easily be delayed if it were to rain beforehand. But if the court is made out of artificial turf then it will dry up to 10 times faster than it would if it were made out of soil or shells.

It is also a much better choice for a bocce court ground if you have a problem with dust or debris crowding up your court. If this were to happen with any of the traditional courts it would take you a minute to be able to remove everything blocking up your court. But with artificial turf you can either vacuum it if it is an indoor court, or you can spray it down with a hose if it is an outdoor turf. Just like that you have your court looking and feeling brand new and ready for play yet again. So if you are wanting to find the best ground for your bocca court, you should consider artificial turf as the first option. You can weigh pros and cons yourself and see it’s the better choice.